Why building a career in a small business can help you in the future?

Why building a career in a small business can help you in the future?

In the last years, among the young generation the following question has been brought up: In what kind of company can I build a strong career?

The answer is somehow complicated. It’s the sum of the values and the mental image of one’s life combined with the short and long term goals and last, but not least, education. These are the main points that we have to tackle in order to pin down what a meaningful career means, and the joy it brings to our life.

When we talk about life concepts and beliefs, we talk about a direction, a meaning. Each and every one of us wants to feel like their time in the company and industry has an impact.

Our short and long term goals affect our decisions in a positive way if they can be tied in with one’s values or in a negative way if they are based on rushed decisions. When recruiting we’ve met candidates that opted for better-paid jobs, giving up positions in which they could bring real value.

Our decision making is highly influenced by the education we received over the years. It is obvious that there are two types of decision making: we do it as we are used to doing it, whether it’s good or bad, or we take our time to make the right decision.

But what do all of these have in common with a small business?

In the context of management with a vision and real organizational culture, a small business is similar to a family; meaning common vision and values. Lived, not just spoken.

Vision and common values are the fertile ground in which what we do yields, makes sense and has an impact!

When choosing a company, ask these questions about vision and values. Ask: How they come to life in their company? Choose all the time the option where the money comes last while talent and meaning come first. You will have the surprise that money will not be a problem.

Keep in mind that: When money is the main objective, they will arise as a problem and will be an obstacle in the pursuit of your happiness. 😊


Your goals become possible where you live your sense of belonging.

Andrei Groza – HR & People Development Specialist at SmartSpot Services


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