Why is OTT so cool?

Why is OTT so cool?

So, why is OTT so cool? Before answering this question, let’s see what OTT is and how it impacts us today.

The classical television systems use dedicated transport platforms to deliver the stream. This usually means cable or satellite television like DVB-T/DVB-S plus the dedicated hardware infrastructure. IPTV, in general, leverages the Internet to transport it’s streaming signal, relying on its mature TCP/IP stack. OTT especially is going a step further, using HTTP protocol as a means of communication.

This may look like a simple switch in technology, but in fact, this is what it makes it cool.

It makes it cool for the end user because it’s not limited to the TV system anymore. Favorite channels can now be viewed on any device connected to the internet: laptops, phones, smart TVs … And, of course, the backward compatibility with the IP-agnostic TVs is kept through the STBs or digital media players like Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick.

For the content providers OTT is especially cool because instead of using expensive platforms, like satellites, it relies on existing internet infrastructure and open source tools and programs. This means that most of the CAPEX is moved to OPEX which makes the stakeholders very happy. It also means that the operator’s teams will no longer have to rely on obsolete proprietary technologies with limited support, often a reason to struggle. They rely on open source community and open protocols which are easier to analyse and implement providing more flexibility to the OP’s team and more transparency for the customers and collaborators.

In a holistic view, the switch from the dedicated broadcast platform to the more flexible OTT is also having a positive impact on the entire ecosystem. The ISPs increase the quality of their services, the network convergence is increased, the user feels the flexibility and the established service providers, like CDN and cloud providers, increase their market share and diversity which translates in bigger and more stable revenues.

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Sergiu Tot – Senior Support Engineer & Trainer at SmartSpot

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