Technology vs. Product

Technology vs. Product

The IT industry has been developing continuously since its origin. Nowadays more and more people across the globe use technology in their daily lives. But are they using a “technology” or a “product”?

In this article, we will tackle the differences between these two and how they have been integrated into today’s society.

Technology is the core of the product. In the majority of cases, it has been designed in such a way that more than one company or individual could use it to fulfill a requirement. Once its applicability has been confirmed, it came to an understanding, among users, that said technology is a product. However, a product is so much more than technology. A product is actually applied technology or technologies. Let’s see further an example of each one and how they are used.

A large part of the existing websites nowadays uses databases. MySQL, for example, is one of the most spread relational database management systems. It runs on a client-server architecture, providing multi-user access to a number of databases and tables, all in all, the stored information, through SQL (Structured Query Language). It fulfills requirements such as availability and scalability depending on the application’s design and it is used in a variety of applications accomplishing different objectives, such as: storing data about users, storing data about assets and so on.

Products, on the other hand, are built around more than one technology. They are marketable and widely distributed, sure, just like technology is, but the difference is, to whom? If technologies, on their own, are mostly used by developers and specialists, products are directed to a wider range of users. Now, people around the globe use social media applications, products, every day without the need to understand the technologies that stand behind the making of the product.

Zabbix, for example, is an open source software designed for real-time monitoring. One of the prerequisites of this product is a database management system. MySQL is one of the recommended technologies for this requirement. And just as this product requires some technologies in order to function properly, its functionalities include a rich set of features that help us monitor such technologies. Through its templates, Zabbix can be used to monitor database engines, operating systems and more. It provides preconfigured triggers, graphs, web scenarios but also allows the user to configure monitoring from scratch, tailored on their needs.

All of these being said, you can now see the difference between a technology and a product by yourself and you can conclude which of the two you have been using all this time: a product encapsulates a number of technologies making the whole process of using them together a lot easier and more efficient, as a technology encapsulates a number of tools, materials, and knowledge in order to solve certain issues.

Anca Neghiu – Technical Support Engineer at SmartSpot Services

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