Managing People

Managing People

The IT industry is one of the most widespread industries in Romania, and especially in Cluj-Napoca.  Each year it drives young individuals to pursue careers in this domain.

Its success is based on people’s courage. We encounter brave entrepreneurs, either local or foreign, who continuously believe in Romania’s potential. We are grateful to the people working every day to maintain this industry where it is.

An industry about entrepreneurs that build opportunities, passionate leaders, people that make things happen.

There is a clear change towards the better. From the leader who dictates and orders around to the one who leads by example and instills values and principals. From the one who is self-centered to the one who is courageous and takes risks but at the same time the one who respects structure when a structure is needed. But the problem with this kind of leader is that he is centered towards the management of the company and not towards his people.

As such, we live in a world where employees, up to the age of 40, are willing to give up on everything they have built, career-wise, and start from zero. Because of this, we need this new leadership model. A leadership model that will help us overcome old-school management.


A leader that works for the people…

…is the leader that has a stable life. He found his way and leads a well-balanced personal, social and professional life.

…is the leader that works in a company in which he believes in and identifies himself with the vision, values, and motivation of said company.

…is the leader that supports others in achieving their goals.

His success is the success of the people!


A leader who is well-positioned towards his people understands that he is not responsible for the company’s success or its KPIs, he knows that those KPIs are the result of happy employees and not vice versa

With a leader like this people find their sense of belonging and adhere to a common vision. Employees start planning their professional lives in the long term. Their inner motivation gives them peace and an appetite for life. They start realizing that they matter and through that they build complex professional relationships based not just on work, but on friendship too. In simpler words, they allow themselves to be human.


Leadership in SmartSpot

In our company these results are visible: with an excellent retention rate in the past 2 years, our engineers are regarded as some of the best by our clients. People behave humanely and talk about the company using words like family, joy, compatibility, transparency, responsibility, correctness, continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. These words describe them to the core and represent what they are today and what they can be tomorrow due to the leadership we promote.


“The leader manages through support and respect towards his people, not through his hierarchical position.”

(Positioning towards leadership in SmartSpot)


Andrei Groza – HR & People Development Specialist at SmartSpot Services

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